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Best Shoes For Running That You Don’t Wanna Miss Out (2022)

Best Shoes For Running That You Don’t Wanna Miss Out (2022)

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Running in the incorrect shoes can be disastrous, especially if you intend to go long distances or on uneven terrain. Foot pain, back pain, Achilles tendinitis, runner’s knee, and other ailments can result from inadequate footwear selection.


Whether you’re running for leisure or training for a marathon, the right running shoes may help prevent injuries and make logging those kilometers considerably more enjoyable. In the end, the appropriate pair will be comfortable right away and complement your running style.

Here are some crucial elements to consider while looking for a shoe that fits and feels good:

  • Think about where you want to run.

Do you usually travel by car? Do you prefer hiking trails and gravel paths? You can choose between road, trail, or cross-training shoes.

  • Determine how much cushioning you want underfoot.

Do you want to run on a cloud with a maximal cushion or do you want to feel the ground beneath your feet? In the manufacture of a running shoe, cushioning—the thickness of the material under the midsole and the stiffness of the foam—and heel drop are two aspects to consider.

  • Determine if you require special gait assistance.

Most runners can choose a neutral shoe, but if your foot tends to roll to the outside or inside, there are shoes that can help.

  • Check to see if the shoe is comfortable.

Without a break-in period, your shoe should fit perfectly right away

Brooks Ghost 14

Best Shoes For Running That You Don’t Wanna Miss Out (2022)


Weight: 8.9 oz. (M), 7.9 oz. (W)

Drop: 12 mm

Type: Road

The Brooks Ghost is possibly the most uninteresting running shoe ever created. The Ghost would be a Margherita pizza if it were a pizza. There’s nothing wrong with a Margherita: it’s a tried-and-true flavor combination that everyone enjoys. On your Margherita, you won’t find a funky-tasting processed sausage or cheap, frozen shrimp. The Ghost has a large and devoted following. The Ghost is purchased by a specific type of runner each year: one who does not want to take chances when it comes to running shoes. They know what they want, and the Ghost delivers it every year.

Saucony Triumph 19

Best Shoes For Running That You Don’t Wanna Miss Out (2022)


Weight: 10.2 oz (M), 9.1 oz (W)

Drop: 8 mm

Type: Road

The Triumph 19 is an excellent daily ride. This daily trainer is soft but not excessively plush, making it ideal for longer runs at slower speeds. The PWRRUN cushioning is extremely gentle on fatigued legs, making it a good choice for recovery days after a race or speed work.

The Triumph is Saucony’s flagship trainer, now in its 19th version, that has clearly been around for a while and has a devoted following. This year’s Triumph receives some much-needed updates to the upper, which helped it lose weight and improve its breathability. The PWRRUN midsole is unaltered from the previous iteration, providing a consistent smooth transition from landing to toe-off.

Hoka Mach 4

Best Shoes For Running That You Don’t Wanna Miss Out (2022)


Weight: 8.2 oz. (M), 6.8 oz. (W)

Drop: 5 mm

Type: Road

Hoka Mach 4 is a great surprise that marks a watershed moment in the Mach series. Its lightweight, long-lasting, and energetic configuration won over all testers. If you’re searching for a comfy trainer for heavy mileage that can take a range of paces, go no further; you’ve found it!

Asics Gel-Kayano 28

Best Shoes For Running That You Don’t Wanna Miss Out (2022)


Weight: 10.9 oz (M), 9.1 oz (W)

Drop: 10 mm

Type: Road

The Kayano shoe collection is one of the oldest, and it’s still going strong! While its clumsy construction is an anomaly in 2022, the Asics superstar retains a solid following among runners who prefer a durable and conventional support trainer. You can quit reading now if you run easily in neutral shoes: the Kayano has nothing for you. If you require assistance, the Kayano could be a good choice. Let’s get started.

Puma Deviate Nitro

Best Shoes For Running That You Don’t Wanna Miss Out (2022)


Weight: 9.3 oz. (M), 7.5 oz. (W)

Drop: 10 mm

Type: Racing Shoes

Puma has been a running shoe brand that has been out of the spotlight for quite some time. When people ask for running shoe recommendations, they aren’t the first firm that comes to mind. However, in the last year, the brand has made a concerted push to re-enter the mainstream running shoe market. Puma chose to follow Skechers’ lead and double-down on Nitro foam for this purpose. And, much like Skechers, Puma has acquired popularity and respect with its latest offers. With the introduction of the plated-racer and plated-trainer, Puma entered the fray with the Deviate line. They’ve released the Deviate Elite, racer level, and the Deviate Nitro, the trainer.