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Cleaning Smelly Insoles

Here are some of the best ways to clean your shoe insoles

Top 10 Amazing Shoes For Hiking Sand Dunes (2022)

Hikers adore the pleasure of discovering a new trail, and for some, this desire leads them to the dunes. However, footwear that shines on woodland routes may not perform as well on desert or beachy terrain. 

Top 10 Best Disc Golf Shoes

Despite the fact that disc golf has grown in popularity over the years, it is still not on par with other major sports. This is demonstrated by the fact that no disc golf shoes are manufactured specifically for the sport. As a result, disc golfers should look for the best disc golf shoes in other sports like hiking and running..

What shoe color goes with everything (2022)

Do not worry, we have curated our top best picks for shoe colors that match any outfit.  So sit tight and follow along.

Top 10 Amazing Shoes For warehouse workers(2022)

Warehouse pickers have a difficult job since they must move quickly and comfortably throughout the warehouse while picking up large objects. This means that choosing shoes is critical; you need shoes that are durable and comfy.


The best pair of shoes are ones that provide some cushioning, arch support, and flexibility, which will ensure that you do not hurt your feet while you walk long distances. 

How To Stop Your Shoes From Squeaking

Squeaky shoes can be humiliating and irritating.Squeaking noises might be made by the bottoms of the shoes, the insoles within the shoes, or the outside components of the shoes.Fortunately, regardless of where the squeaking originates, you can typically resolve the issue at home.

Best Shoes For Running That You Don’t Wanna Miss Out (2022)

Running in the incorrect shoes can be disastrous, especially if you intend to go long distances or on uneven terrain. Foot pain, back pain, Achilles tendinitis, runner’s knee, and other ailments can result from inadequate footwear selection.

10 Best Shoes For Standing All Day

The Best Shoes For Standing All Day, Standing is the polar opposite of running; one is a dynamic action that involves progressive mobility, while the other is about being confined to a small space. But it’s a lot more difficult than it appears, especially when you’re on your toes all day.